See It! Sunset Boulevard

I have been hearing about this movie for as long as I can remember and it’s one of those ones that I kept meaning to watch. The movie is called, Sunset Boulevard, and its probably one of these best movies I have ever seen. Yes, it’s dated, but the outfits on Gloria Swanson are plain awesome.

The story, set in ’50s Hollywood, focuses on Norma Desmond, a silent-screen goddess whose pathetic belief in her own indestructibility has turned her into a demented recluse. The crumbling Sunset Boulevard mansion where she lives with only her butler, Max who was once her director and husband has become her self-contained world. Norma dreams of a comeback to pictures and she begins a relationship with Joe Gillis, a small-time writer who becomes her lover, that will soon end with murder and total madness.

This is probably one of the best known final scenes in film history, and its worth the wait.

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One Comment on “See It! Sunset Boulevard”

  1. Shena Says:

    She looks nuts! I’ll have to give this one a watch.

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