You Invited To an On-Line Oscar Party

I know you guys are out there, I check my stats, but only three of you talk to me. And that’s great because you rock lilikaofthelake, Shena and serenityblue101! But in case you have nothing else to do Oscar Night, you are invited to an bitch and moan on-line chat. We can make fun of or rejoice in the superficial, rigged, awesome boring event. Come on over to JustPlainUn-Hollywood!
Don’t get me wrong there are some performances that should be rewarded, like Mickey Rourke’s performance in the Wrestler and Tariji P. Henson’s performance in The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. But, then there’s the much over hyped films like Slum Dog Millionaire. While it is a good movie, I’m not so sure it should be, Movie of the Year. But, I can guarantee almost that it will win. And Danny Boyle will win for Director of Year.

So, if you’re not busy stop by we can make observations that no one cares about together. Sorry Wolfgang will not be supplying his famous salmon and caviar noshes. And, you will not get a lap dance from Johnny Depp, but you can say whatcha want in the comfort of your own freakin home. I’ll be drinking. Join me…

Don’t forget to
print your Oscar Ballot.

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