WTF? It’s Snowing in the Deep South

Sometimes I see snow on tv and say, “Wow, I wish it would do that here.” Well, my lovlies I awoke this morning it was actually snowing. Of course everything has come to a screeching halt, because we have no idea what to do with this cold wet matter. And, driving is totally out of the question. So no Starbucks run this morning. I had to brew my own coffee. It’s tragic actually. So, what did the Fatale do to pass the time?
I did this. I made my first snowdude. He’s hot! I only had my nieces hat, so whatever. He’s totally metro. He can pull off pink. His name is, Sabastian D. Snowman. Enjoy!

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One Comment on “WTF? It’s Snowing in the Deep South”

  1. Shena Says:

    He is so cute!

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