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June 26, 2009

For some reason I believe the next generation of people will look back on all the stupid antiquated ideology some of us try so hard to hold onto in this century. Seriously, I think our kids will look at us and think what a bunch of nut jobs. “Wait, so you had people who didn’t like people because they have a different skin color?” “What, you people who had problems with gays?” “What the hell is an anti-Semite?”

HBO is airing a documentary during the month of July called, PROM NIGHT IN MISSISSIPPI. It tells the story of Charleston High, in Charleston, Mississippi. Although the school might look like any other high school in America, this one up until 2008 was still having a segregated prom. In 1997, Oscar®-winning actor Morgan Freeman, a Charleston resident, offered to pay for the prom, under one condition: that it be integrated. Though his offer was ignored, he made it again in 2008, and this time, the school accepted.

In my opinion that’s only half of the jaw-dropping moments of this story. The real sick to your stomach feeling came when several of the white parents forbid their children to attend the integrated prom. That’s right folks, teaching racism to your children is still acceptable. Scary.

PROM NIGHT IN MISSISSIPPI debuts MONDAY, JULY 20 (9:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT).
Maybe one day some of these more “traditional” thinking people will wake up and realize people are people. At least that is my hope for my two-year-old niece. Let all the dumb go. Trust me you “real Americans”, you will be amazed at how happy we are on the other side.

See It! Great Speeches of a Dying World

February 11, 2009

This is not a feel good event, but an eye opener for those of us who tend to forget how good we actually have it. Seriously, this made me feel bad; I was upset because I’m not going to get to go to Vegas next month. I should thankful, I have anything right now.
The speech given in the trailer is by Sojourner Truth, she gave it to a women’s suffrage group. Just so you know…

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SXSW: March 13-21, 2009

February 10, 2009

The SXSW FILM CONFERENCE AND FESTIVAL explores all aspects of the art and business of independent filmmaking. The Conference hosts a five-day adventure in the latest filmmaking trends and new technology, featuring distinguished speakers and mentors. The internationally-acclaimed, nine-day Festival boasts some of the most wideranging programming of any US event of its kind, from provocative documentaries to subversive Hollywood comedies, with a special focus on emerging talents.

Here is one the films that will make you think and most likely (if you’re a crier, unlike myself) cry. It’s called, Over The Hills And Far Away. And it’s not a fairy tale by any means, it’s better.

And because I obviously like horror movies.

But wait there’s more; Ryan Gosling will be performing with his band, Dead Man’s Bones at the festival as well. For joy, for joy!

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